'Agape' Orphanage, Blantyre, Malawi

'Agape' Orphanage 2011
'Agape' Orphanage 2011

Since the late 90's, Seedsowers have been supporting a small family run ophanage run by Rev. Fletcher Kaiya and his wife Clara in the city of Blantyre, Malawi. Generous sponsors have enabled the children to be well fed, well clothed and given a good education to enable them to break out of the poverty trap.

In 2011, the boys of the orphanage, under supervision, completely repainted and renovated their home. A volunteer from Devon with local labour completely sealed and made watertight the roof which had started to leak.

It is hoped that enough funds will be raised to educate the children life skills to enable them to provide for themselves as they go out into the world.

Most of the young people have now left 'Agape' and are now in gainful employment. 

There are three left doing higher eduacation, namely. Christopher studying Industrial Engineering and Theresa and Margrete all of who are due to graduate in 2024

Grace has already graduated in June 2022. see photos below.

Grace's Graduation-June 2022

Grace Kaiya was adopted into the 'Agape' children's home when very young. On June 4th 2022 she graduated as top student of 2022 at the African Bible College in Lilongwe which was attended by the Malawian State President, Lazarus Chakwera. She was awarded the Valedictorian prize for 2022 and the President awarded her MK200,000 (£150).

The ceremony was also attended by many of the members of the present government including the deputy Education Minister and the Land Minister, Sam Kawale, Rev. Fletcher's son in law, seen on the right of Grace in the photo below. Speeches were given by the State President together with Malla Kawale, Fletchers daughter, who is a board member of the African Bible College. The Deputy Education Minister also gave a speech.

Many of the present Malawian Government have been educated at this college which is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. It is accredited in the US. The President himself was educated at a sister college in the US. Grace has done extremely well and we are very proud of her. She intends to study for a Masters Degree later. 

Grace with the rest of the Kaiya Family at her graduation-June 2022

Newly graduated Grace with Rev. Fletcher Kaiya of 'Agape'

Grace reading from Romans a privilege reserved for the top student of the year 2022