'Agape' Orphanage, Blantyre, Malawi

'Agape' Orphanage 2011
'Agape' Orphanage 2011

Since the late 90's, Seedsowers have been supporting a small family run ophanage run by Rev. Fletcher Kaiya and his wife Clara in the city of Blantyre, Malawi. Generous sponsors have enabled the children to be well fed, well clothed and given a good education to enable them to break out of the poverty trap.

In 2011, the boys of the orphanage, under supervision, completely repainted and renovated their home. A volunteer from Devon with local labour completely sealed and made watertight the roof which had started to leak.

It is hoped that enough funds will be raised to educate the children life skills to enable them to provide for themselves as they go out into the world.

The children at Agape are now all teenagers and are now preparing for higher education and skills training to equip them for life.

Upile who was rescued from the streets and was abused is now preparing for her university entrance exams. The fees are £500 per year.

Bestina is very good with her hands and has the potential to be a good nurse.

Grace is very intelligent and has a very good command of English and is again university material.

Margaret is again very intelligent and has an outgoing personality and loves drama.

Theresa is an average student.

Irine is a very active girl and a very fast reader and again an average student.

Christopher is the youngest in the Agape family. He doing well in all subjects and is university material.

Charles has a hearing problem and consequently does not do well at school. He is however very agile in technical work and has the potential to be a very good mechanic.

James Zululu is a below average student and will need extra tuition at a private school if he is to reach his full potential.

James Martin struggles with English pronunciation but is confident when he speaks. He loves preaching.

Cardie is an average student and loves computer work.

Andrew is again an average student.


It is Seedsowers aim to help these young people to reach their full potential and make a difference in their country and society. To do this we will need funds to put them through their higher education and skills training and hence out of the poverty trap.

Please help us to do this.



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