Prison Ministry

In 2017 we allocated £500 to a prison ministry led by John Odala, himself an ex-prisoner who met with Jesus in prison. He has set-up an interdenominational Christian grouping called ‘One in Christ’ where John and some women meet regularly on Wednesdays for prayers and outreach ministry. The fellowship has its own secretariat and the prison ministry is just one of the activities within the grouping.

They had been lacking funds to carry out the mission work and Seedsowers has allowed this to happen and with the provision of some technical guidance have setup a programme to visit the prison inmates once a month.

To maintain sustainability, they are planning to carry out fund raising activities.

The group have started their ministry in the women’s section of Chichiri Prison in Blantyre where there are some 38 women prisoners and 3 children with their mothers.

The members plan is to visit the inmates twice a month for moral support and provide the necessities such as soap, sugar, dried fish and relish together with other needed items.

Every week the Anglican priest, with whom we are working and who is a Prison chaplain and together with John and his group, visit the prisons within Blantyre.

They have been allocated Wednesday and Thursday for their visiting.


On visiting the women’s prison, we found that there was a need for sewing machines to teach the women sewing skills so that they will have a skill when they leave prison and will be able earn a living and thus reduce the rate of reoffending. There is also a need for them to make their own sanitary towels which is a scarcity there due the cost.

In 2019 sewing machines purchased by Seedsowers sponsors have now been handed over to the prison authorities for the training of the women inmates. See below.

Prison Ministry Group visiting Chichiri Prison September 2018

The handover in 2018 of sewing machines to the Chichiri Prison authorities donated by Seedsowers Trust to teach the women inmates sewing and tailoring skills

Members of the Prison Ministry showing items they have made to sell to provide funds for the ministry

Members of the Prison Ministry making items for sale to raise funds for the ministry

The handing over of the sewing machines to the prison officials

Sadly, due to Covid 19 the Prison Ministry is on hold until the Administration again allow visitors to the womens section of Blantyre Prison. An Anglican church in St.Albans, UK have donated £600 towards materials and transport. The team ready are to go as soon as allowed.