Kudyere / Kashon Community piped Water Project

The Kudyere Community water project is an informal water project that community members of Kudyere in Mulanje district and other surrounding villages are running. The projects aim at maximizing the usage of natural sources of water through construction of reservoirs and channeling the water to community homes through pipes.


The project has identified two water sources namely Chituli and Nambere springs. Both springs are located towards the Mpaka Hills and are perennial springs and have been the sources of water for the uphill community for generations.


With the construction of reservoirs, the project is expected to bring over 500 households and a primary school near to these perennial springs.







Water reservoir 

The Kudyere community water project is a symbol of community strength that many communities ought to emulate and alleviate themselves from the grip of consistent lack amidst vast resources in form of Human, land, springs among many others. the project is milestone so far, however there is need to guide the community on ways of organizing themselves better for the sake of sustainability and also to avoid the mistakes of the past.

1.The main challenge which the community will face will be pipe lines from the water tank to various places within the community. The community will need help in the form of materials (pipes) not money from well-wishers.


2.The second challenge is to get 4 water plastic tanks to be used as reservoirs for the community.