Micro Pump Project

In conjunction with our low cost drilling technique a low cost, low maintenance hand pump has been developed for installation with our boreholes. This means that a typical 18 metre deep borehole can be drilled and fitted with our Micro pump for under £250.00 with the community providing their labour and bricks free.

The pump is made mainly from locally sourced 32mm and 40mm pvc pipe and fitted with off the shelf check valves. Most of the materials used can be sourced in Malawi. It is hoped in the future that the remaining items that are currently shipped from the UK will eventually be locally made and sourced.

These pumps are now being successfully installed in 'capped' shallow welsl to prevent any future contamination of the well. The present cost of the pump itself is approximately £40.00.

This pump is continually being developed and the charity is now developing a cheaper Mk 3 version.

We wish to thank the UK company Teignflex and Friends of Malawi Association for their generous support in developing this pump.

We also wish to thank the UK farm attraction, Pennywell Farm for their cooperation and support in assisting Seedsowers in allowing the prototypes to be used as part of their attraction where the children, especially, learn about water and its importance in life. The pump has been on trial at Pennywell for over two years and has enabled us to 'iron out' its initial weaknesses.

In the past years, the pumps have been installed both in boreholes and shallow wells in Malawi.

In 2018 funding was given by the Friends of Malawi Association for 4 boreholes and micro pumps in South Lunzu, near Blantyre, Malawi. During the months of September and October 3 of the 4 were installed and commissioned. See photos below.

The 3rd borehole completed

2nd borehole installed awaiting cement plastering

The first completed borehole and Micro Pump at South Lunzu